Sponge and brush sowing machines

Product description

These sowing units are developed for other seeds which cannot be sown pneumatically. Think about very fine rocket seed, angular baby leaf seed and oblong lettuce seed.

The Sponge and Brush units can be mounted onto any type of sowing machine in self-propelled or drawn versions.

While sowing, the machine draws a “groove” in the soil in which the seeds fall. They are then covered up again by the rear roller. The seed distance, row width and seed depth are entirely adjustable with this machine. The minimum row width is 1 cm and the seed distance can be set from 1mm to 15 cm. Is available in working widths of 80 to 160 cm. The machine has the capacity to sow a surface of 2000 m2 in one hour's time.


Sponge unit in a version of 4 to 6 outputs per unit
Brush sower of 1 to 16 outputs per unit
A feed switch from sow strip with different diameter holes for brush sowing unit
min. row width 1cm
Seed distance 1 mm through 15cm
Working width 80 through 160 cm
1000M2 per hour