Multipacker XL

Product description

Already proven in the machine program at Koppert Machines is the Koppert Multi Packer. This machine is based on the so-called "stroke path principle. The machine is largely constructed of stainless steel and equipped with the latest type of control and electronics. This is a sustainable and food secure machine arise that requires little maintenance and very easy to clean.

The machine can be equipped with two denesters one for cups (shakers) and one for boxes for example. Two denesters for lids for other variants are also possible in consultation, this makes the packing line very suitable for flowpack or topseal machines. If there are a small batches of other packing need to be rotated is this also possible, only they must be entered manually.

In principle, it is possible to use this machine to turn all variants packets of up to a maximum size of 21 cm by 18 cm. The capacity of ±50 packs per minute can be called very good especially considering the many possibilities offered by the machine for different package types.

At the end of the packaging line the packed product is transported to an output belt. When packing in cups (shakers) is conducted it is also possible to have it carried out by clicking on both sides in a side guiding system. This system ensures perfect output of cups to the end of the packaging line where there is room for setting a printing and or label machine.


Suited for combination with flowpacker or topseal machines
Completely built of SS; safe for foodstuffs
Stock destacking units +/- 300 pieces
Electro-pneumatic drive
±90 packages per minute
Touchscreen control