The company Koppert Machines & Zonen was founded in 1983 by Arie Koppert. He began building seeders for small seeds like radishes, carrots and flower seeds. The biggest target group of Koppert Machines were customers who grow their vegetables and crops in greenhouses.

In the time when mechanization in the greenhouse was almost non-existent, the idea was developed to mechanize radish without leaves, using a harvesting machine and the processing technique. The result of working so determined and progressively in this "radish industry", as a company, is an automatic radish bunching machine that has become indispensable for growers. Because of this, the manual bunching of radishes has become a thing of the past.

With this background and knowledge, Koppert has definitely earned its stripes. New target groups presented themselves, and Koppert Machines can now call itself a producer that offers various opportunities in the automation of horticulture, such as producing weighing and packaging machines for snack vegetables, as well as machines to package flowers and lettuce. The entire process of design, manufacture, installation and service is maintained in-house by Koppert Machines.

Flexibility and quality has been our motto for more than 33 years!