Washing line for salad varieties. Rocket, lamb's lettuce, babyleaf

Product description

There are different ways of washing the various varieties of lettuce such as Babyleaf, Rocket and lamb's lettuce well, removing sand, bits of soil and other dirt without hereby damaging the leaf.

The salad can be conveyed to the washing line in a water bath separately in small boxes or large containers by using a tilting lever.

A light stream is created in the water bath which washes the lettuce and transports it to an output conveyor belt. Light bubbles are blown with an air pump into the water in a very fine distribution from under the water bath, which ensure for extra movement and a better washing effect for the lettuce.

Small parts of leaves and any soil or turf remains and flies are extracted from the water using various filters.

This process can be repeated several times using several wash tanks until the lettuce is clean.

The lettuce is beaten and blown dry on various conveyor belts hereafter. At the end of the rinse cycle, the lettuce simply needs to be packed into the barrel meant for transport. It is also possible to supply accompanying water recycling systems and/or dirty and clean water pumps.

The total lay-out of the washing lines can be provided in different versions, in agreement with your personal requirements. Better quality of your products naturally fetches you a higher price. If you want more specific information, you can always contact us; our representatives are always prepared to give you more information about our products.

All washing lines are customised with different supply and discharge systems. This relates to the basic type, harvest type and further processing and packaging.

The frame of the machines is made entirely of stainless steel. Due to this, the machine is suitable for safe processing of foodstuffs The machine is made as per the requirements imposed by the ARBO [Dutch Safety, Health & Welfare Service Act], ISO 9001 and EC.


Electro-pneumatic drive
Capacity of 100 to 1000 boxes per hour
Customised in several versions
Made entirely out of SS
Very clean end product
Easy to clean