Vertical Packer

Product description

The vertical packaging machine is a machine that makes a bag from a foil roll with its own seal system. Any desired dimension, version and film type can be made on it. The film may be pre-printed or blank. Any form of printing or labelling is also possible on it.

We can set up the correct solution for you thanks to our great expertise in the packaging world and our very extensive experience. Upon purchasing the correct weighers with a vertical packager, SS edges, supply and conveyor belts and simple control, we can put together any kind of packing line desired.

This addition to the packing line takes a good deal of the work out of your hands; speeds of 45 – 50 bags per minute are achievable.

We offer all reputed brands which are a guarantee for quality and service.

The total lay-out of the packing line can be provided in different versions, in agreement with your personal requirements. Better quality of your products naturally fetches you a higher price. If you want more specific information, you can always contact us; our representatives are always prepared to give you more information about our products.

The frame and belts of the machines are made entirely of stainless steel. The machine is maintenance-free due to this. The machine is made as per the requirements imposed by the ARBO [Dutch Safety, Health & Welfare Service Act], ISO 9001 and EC.


Completely built of SS; safe for foodstuffs
Electro-pneumatic drive
50 packages per minute
Simple control
We offer only reputed brands which are a guarantee for quality and service