Sowing line for cresses

Product description

Koppert Machines has automated the sowing lines completely for Koppert Cress, the best-known cress producer in the world. The extremely healthy and different cresses are grown on a pulp medium which is dosed from mix tanks to the sowing trays.

Various types of sowing units, arranged in a fixed set-up, are possible due to the large diversity in seeds. Due to this, the trays, containers or beds to be sowed, can go through the unit using a conveyor belt. Various layouts are possible to get a perfect sowing image. This method of sowing is mainly used for cresses and products which are not grown on open ground.

The frame of the machine is made entirely of stainless steel. The machine is maintenance-free due to this. The machine is made as per the requirements imposed by the ARBO [Dutch Safety, Health & Welfare Service Act], ISO 9001 and EC.


Fully electro-pneumatic drive
Customised specifically for the client
Various versions and models
Made entirely out of SS