Thurlings cone packer

Product description

The Thurlings packing machine is developed to make packages which are sealed with a clip. The pre-produced packages, such as cones and flat bottom pouches are attached to the machine using a suction cap. They are opened hereafter and filled to the desired weight by a weighing tower. The package is sealed with a clip provided with a lot code, or a label with the desired printing can be inserted.

The cones are mostly used for smaller snack packages for snack greens, sweets and nuts.

This addition to the packing line takes a good deal of the work out of your hands; speeds of 45 – 50 bags per minute are achievable.

The frame of the machine is made entirely of stainless steel. The machine is maintenance-free due to this. The machine is made as per the requirements imposed by the ARBO [Dutch Safety, Health & Welfare Service Act], ISO 9001 and EC.


Completely built of SS; safe for foodstuffs
Electro-pneumatic drive
50 packages per minute
Completely overhauled Thurlings machines

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