Radish harvesting machine for radish without leaves, internal harvester

Product description

Weather conditions on open terrain are unstable, and sometimes very extreme. We have developed a harvester capable of harvesting radish under all conditions. All wheels are controlled independently and hydraulically, so that the extra large profiled belts have optimum traction continuously on soil that is sometimes difficult to access. The harvester is very stable, yet compact and manoeuvrable. The harvester is available in a 9, 12 and 14 harvest bed.

The harvester has the option of pulling a cart, which takes a container along and when full tilts hydraulically so that the container is set down on the soil, in order to transport the harvested radish. The harvesting machine harvests the radish using belts that grip the radish from the foliage and pulls it out of the soil so that it can then be transported to the cutting device. Foliage is cut very short and separated from the radish in the cutting device. The radish is collected using conveyor belts, in which there is an option to dispose of the radish foliage (depending on the version selected). Capacity 1000m2 per hour.


Hydraulic drive using Kubota diesel motor
In several versions of 9, 12 and 14 rows
To be operated by 1 person; capacity 1000m2 per hour
SS harvest and conveyor belts
Huge savings in terms of labour costs