Fully automatic radish bunching machine

Product description

Bunching radishes is labour-intensive and physically hard work. Of course, increasing the crop size by radish growers is currently an advantage, in view of the high labour costs; it is becoming increasingly more difficult to hire enough radish bunchers who work qualitatively well. We have developed an entirely new and very high-quality machine with this as background; the fully automatic radish harvesting machine. You can bunch radish with the same quality as hand-bunched radish in a completely automatic manner.

The radish can be packaged while in a good posture from behind the machine, due to which a lot of time and effort is saved. The machine is very suitable for the radish grower oriented to the future. With this buncher, 4000 bunches of radish can effectively be bunched per hour, due to which the time it takes for the radish to be grown can be shortened and the costs of bunching salary reduced by 50 %. The results of the buncher have been very good. Production costs for fully automated radish bunching are reduced by more than 50 % with respect to the conventional method of bunching radishes. The buncher is available in a 9, 12 and 14 row electrically driven version. The distance between the rows is at least 11 cm. You can observe with great satisfaction that the buncher bunches with excellent quality.


Electro-pneumatic drive
Capacity 4000 bunches per hour
Huge savings in terms of labour costs
Fully self-driven
Setting on the machine using touchscreen